Biking in Vigiljoch – Movingly beautiful

If you’re travelling on two wheels, San Vigilio has lots of surprises in store for you too, with cycling routes of every description: Alpine bike trails for the whole family, crisp rides at an altitude of 2000 metres for more ambitious mountain bikers, and long panoramic descents down to Aschbach. Since the infamous Transalp tour through the Alps has included San Vigilio on its route, this car-free recreational area has enjoyed considerable popularity. The San Vigilio Cable Car can carry your bike for you either on the way up or the way down at a price of €3.50. NB: at busy times during peak season (10:00 – 12:00) this service is not generally available.


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Cloudy, thunderstorm with moderate shower
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Cloudy, thunderstorm with moderate shower
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