The San Vigilio Cable Car is the second oldest in Europe. The Cable Car, built in1912 using pioneer technology, became an attraction throughout South Tyrol. Wealthy citizens of the Burggrafenamt area and visitors to the Merano spa were then able to discover San Vigilio as a destination for trips and holidays. There were 39 metal pillars supporting the cable car. It had a halfway station, and the journey lasted a total of 20 minutes. It fell into disrepair during the two world wars and remained largely unused until the 1950s. In 1952, the cable car was refurbished, the halfway station abandoned and the metal pillars replaced by concrete ones. A new car made of lighter metal was brought into use and the technology was continually updated to conform to the strict safety rules.
In 2006 Ulrich Ladurner, a business based in Merano, took over the San Vigilio Cable Car and began a general modernization. New, larger cars allow guests to travel without a conductor and CCTV was installed for maximum security. The cable car carries around 90,000 visitors up to San Vigilio every year. The journey from 328 m to 1,486 m lasts eight minutes and is an enjoyable experience for all.

2012 marked the 100th anniversary of the Cable Car.


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