An Enduring History

San Vigilio has secrets: vestiges of a prehistory shrouded in legend, findings from the Stone Age, traces of unknown rites. Cup-marked stones from the Bronze Age line the ancient paths. These mysterious indentations in the stones have continued to capture the imagination right up to the present day. San Vigilio is a place with astonishing powers – there is much to suggest that the San Vigilio Church, first mentioned in historical record 1278, was constructed on the site of a prehistoric hill shrine. Dedicated to St Virgil, the church is still known to locals as the “weather church” since it was said to protect the people from thunderstorms.

The walls of the nave date back to the Early Romanesque period. The Gothic choir, with its beautiful vault, and the bell tower were added later. Of particular interest are the early fourteenth century frescoes inside the church, depicting the twelve apostles and a crucifixion scene, they were undoubtedly among the finest artistic examples of their day. In the Middle Ages the Bistürmer Chur and the province of Trento drew their borders at San Vigilio. The Bischofskofel Mountain is still to this day situated directly below the Church.


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